Kaakaoseremonia 21.8.

Aika: 21.8.2022 klo 15-18.30 (Huom. Saavuthan noin 15 minuuttia ennen aloitusta)
Paikka: Jämsänkosken pappila, Koskenväylä 6
Hinta: 55 euroa
Ilmoittautuminen ja lisätiedot: 

Seremonian alussa nautimme etelä-amerikkalaista alkuperää olevaa, seremonialaatuista kaakaota, joka hellästi avaa sydäntämme ja ohjaa pois tietoisesta mielestä, syvemmälle itseemme. Täydennämme seremoniaa lempeällä Sacred Breath -hengitystyöskentelyllä, joka auttaa vapauttamaan kehon ja mielen tukoksia. Seremonia päätetään Blue Lotus -teen nauttimiseen. 

Paolo ohjaa englanniksi, mutta tarvittaessa autetaan kääntämisessä. Sanat eivät ole se kaikkein tärkein osa seremoniaa, joten ei huolta jos englantisi ei taivu mitenkään täydellisesti. Lisätietoja voi kysyä Paololta paolodafloresta@gmail.com tai Miialta ehea.sydan@gmail.com.

Pappilassa on mahdollisuus myös yöpyä omilla liinavaatteilla edulliseen 20e hintaan. Mikäli kaipaat yösijaa, laita viestiä Miialle ehea.sydan@gmail.com

Elon Palo and Rebirth & Transformation invite you to this Sacred Breath Cacao ceremony. 

The Sacred Breath Cacao Ceremony is a beautiful combination of breathwork and heart opening with Cacao. We benefit from the heart opening qualities of this divine elixir and consciously move prana through our bodies using guided breathwork. It is also enhanced by the additional use of Blue Lotus flower.

We come together as one tribe during the ceremony in a space of love and respect. We work with whatever comes to the surface during the ceremony, the journey is inward yet will have ripple effects within the group and our interactions in the coming days. Any healing that occurs spontaneously within the ceremony will benefit all we come into contact with afterwards.

This journey leads us potentially into a deep rite of passage into the mystical world of healing, retrieving lost parts of ourselves and connecting with power animal spirit guides in the subconscious realm so that we may carry their wisdom forth into this waking world. We open up to work with the subtle energy body where we can free up blockages in our flow of prana, emotional body where we can release suppressed emotions, mental body where thoughts fuse into matter and we create our reality and physical body where ailments can potentially be resolved.

This inner work will be gently guided by the medicine of Ceremonial Cacao in a very sacred manner to open us up and take us out of the thinking mind, journeying with sound to connect with our guides and deepening into our centres with a non aggressive breathing technique, coming home....... Cacao was used by several ancient Meso-American societies including the Mayan cultures as a facilitator in vision quest to their inner guides and during sacred rituals and ceremonies.

There is an unseen magic to this divine elixir recognised by these cultures that deemed it a sacred beverage to be consumed ceremonially. The Cacao elixir can act as a spiritual guide to gently guide us to re-connect with lost parts of ourselves. This Earth Medicine will move through you and may release some blockages held within the body, in some perhaps even stimulating the digestive system and kidney organs giving a mild purging of the colon, stimulating the flow of prana around the body. We work with very high quality ceremonial cacao from South America.

Ceremonial cacao is made from whole organic Cacao beans. These beans pass through a fermentation process necessary for cultivating their optimum flavor and activating certain natural compounds. The beans are then roasted at low temperatures or even sundried, the husks are then hand peeled and stone ground by traditional means into a dense block of paste which retains all the original fats and nutrients in their natural balance unlike cacao powder.

Ceremonial cacao elixir is not a super food it is a super natural food, rich in magnesium, chromium, copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, sulfur, iron, and phosphorous, abundant in antioxiants and encourages the release of endorphins like dopamine throughout the body which ease symptoms of PMS and depression by boosting our mood and contains two nuerotransmitters PEA (phenylethylamine) nicknamed the love molecule and Anandamide the bliss chemical named after the sanskrit word Ananda which simply means bliss and joy.

Sacred Breath is a flowing non aggressive way to work with the breath and the body. Moving pranic energy through the body the process can often energize, relax, release emotional blockages and memories of past important life events can also surface on such a deep journey. The breath is in two parts, masculine and feminine, active and passive, inhale and exhale, merging into a oneness. This process can be truly a wonderful experience harmonising the polarity of yin yang energies into sacred union.

After the breathwork, we complete our journeying with Blue Lotus Tea, the flower of intuition. Blue Lotus was sacred to the ancient Egyptians. The bright-blue flowers were not only desired for their delightful perfume, but also for the relaxation and heightened awareness they induce. For centuries it has been respected as an ancestral flower known to provoke deep meditation, enhance third eye function and motivate lucid dreaming. The effects of the Blue Lotus, or Blue Waterlily are euphoric, while cooling down the nervous system and relaxing the whole body.

Blue Lotus or Egyptian Water Lily, originating from the Nile valley in Egypt was intimately known to the ancient Egyptians where it played an important part in various aspects of their culture. The plant was worked with for its aphrodisiac properties during rituals within temples connected with sensuality and mild psychedelic properties for journeying to the dreamworld and meditation.

Blue Lotus can often be found depicted on the walls inside ancient Egyptian tombs. This leads researchers to believe that they used Blue Lotus also for spiritual purposes due to its psychoactive effects. On ancient paintings, the Blue Lotus is often depicted together with wine, which suggests that the Egyptians made alcoholic beverages and tinctures with the plant. 

The blue lotus provides a mild sense of tranquillity and euphoria along with an altered sense of awareness. Its effects can place your body in a state of deep relaxation and relax the nervous system and open the six chakra "Ajna", sometimes opening us up to receive visions from our higher self.
The flower can be used as a sleep aid, to reduce anxiety and as a stress reliever. It is truly Earth Medicine.

The journey will be safely and lovingly facilitated and guided by Paolo da Floresta. To reserve your place please contact Paolo to pay in advance, the price is €55.

Book your participation: paolodafloresta@gmail.com

As we have limited number of places for this workshop the booking is non refundable, if for some reason you need to cancel it is transferable to another person if you can find a replacement for your place. Please don't eat a heavy meal before the workshop, some fruit is best an hour before. Try to stay off coffee in the morning if possible.Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated, a yoga mat or sheepskin to lay on and a blanket or 2 for extra comfort during the ceremony.